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In spite of its French origins, the Domecq family name will always be rooted in the land and the history of Spanish brandy.



The Fundador Bodegas is one of the oldest in Jerez –dating from 1730– and one of the most distinctive due to its architectural setting. Bordered by Calle Puerto de Rota and its hundred-year-old gardens, “Calle San Ildefonso”, the Cathedral, the “Convento del Espíritu Santo” and the churches of San Mateo and San Miguel, it lies in the heart of one of the most impressive and historic areas of the city.

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The Domecq family has been closely connected to Cádiz and its wines since the beginning of the 18th century, and this noble French family will be remembered to posterity as the founders of the wine industry in Jerez de la Frontera.

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A new era has just begun for Fundador. The company that was born almost 300 years ago, is now developing and reviving the glory of the brandies and wines created in the Marco de Jerez region, continuing the legacy of Bodegas Fundador.

This growth is coupled to Fundador’s strategy of consolidating its status as a benchmark reference in the international world of brandy, broadening its presence in the global market and positioning itself as the main producer of brandy in the world today.



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